Green Street Studios
Heroes of Might & Magic VII - Soundtrack Excerpts. - Released 2015- 

Here are a few original musical pieces from the Ubisoft game "Heroes of Might & Magic VII" Composed by Paul Romero & Rob King, Recorded & Mixed by Rob King.

Conan Exiles - Reveal Trailer - Casting and Dialogue recording by Rob King & Green Street Studios 
Troy Baker - Sitting in the fire - Released Oct. 2014 - 

The album debuted at #26 on iTunes Alternative rock chart and #137 on the top 200. At Amazon, the album also hit #1 on the Singer Songwriter chart, #17 on Alternative Rock chart and cracked the Top 100 at #93 with overall album sales. Co=Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Rob King.

"Hope for Green Falls" From the Heroes of Might & Magic VII (Ubisoft) Score Releasing in 2015 - Paul Romero & Rob King: Composers - Rob King: Recording & Mixing
The Legend Of Korra - Episode 7 from Season 1. Sound Designers Rob King & Steve Tushar.
White Night - Osome Games - Walkthrough Video - Rob King: Dialogue Director Recorded @ Green Street Studios
The Bronx Bull - Directed by Martin Guigui Releasing in 2015 - Rob King: Sound Designer/Sound Editior
The Final Moments of Karl Brant - Directed by Matt Wilson - Rob King: Sound Designer
Intro Video for Activision's Prototype 2 released on April 24th 2012. Dialogue & Casting Director - Rob King
"Love Psalm" from the Silent Hill: Book of Memories soundtrack. Produced & Arranged by Rob King & Troy Baker. Recorded & Mixed by Rob King @ Green Street Studios.
James Bond: Quantum of Solace Video Game Released 2010 - Rob King: Dialogue & Casting Director - Recorded @ Green Street Studios & Pinewood Studios (London)
The Making of Heroes of Might & Magic VI - Music by Rob King & Paul Romero - Voice over Direction & Casting - Rob King
Video Blog from Director Christopher Salmon for theNeil Gaiman short film we are working on entitled "The Price". Sound Supervisor/Designer, Recording & Mixing - Rob King
Jaguar XK Machine Commercial Music by Anthony Marinelli @ Music Forever with additional recording, mixing and production by Asdru Solrak, Clint Bennet, Beau Bonetti & Rob King